Nov 032017

Why isn’t the road to hell easier?

Yeah, I am still on that road to hell is paved with good intentions.  However, since we have a highway to hell, it should be a might easier getting there.

I am continuing my trend of life improvements.  After being bedridden for almost a week, I am now back up and moving.  My budget and spending tracking start this month.  This is not my happy face I’m wearing about this.  I decided that, after realizing I lack enough discretionary funds, I would attempt to do something about that.  The biggest place to cut – my car payments.  No, I’m not getting rid of my car.   My thought was to downsize it.  This… is not going as planned.   I made a less than stellar decision last year to be pushed into upgrading my car to a newer model and a model upgrade.  It was about 100/month more.   Not my wisest decision.  I let the faux reasons justify something I wanted – when I shouldn’t have.

Fast forward to a year later – I now have a car payment that is stupid, my car is worth half of what my total car loan is for and thus – downgrading is not going well because it would cause my payments to drop so minimally because I owe so much on this car.

Next week I will hit up some credit unions to see about a loan through them with a lower interest rate.  This should help reduce my payments.  Every little bit helps, and I will just have to find other places I can trim from my budget.

I’m mostly just frustrated by the whole situation. Frustrated and mad at myself for not staying strong with my no, and letting myself get carried away with the “You earned it” lines.   Thos little f*ckers always get me in trouble.

While bed bound, I did more than I should have of youtube watching.  There is a copious amount of dumb shit on there. However, I have managed to find a few things that I think will help in the estrogen department.  I tell everyone I lack enough estrogen to do/be the ‘girly’ type.  I can’t do my makeup, I can’t wear nice clothes, I have no idea how to use most torture devices that are called beauty tools, and those prisons called heels – don’t even get me started.

What dumb stuff did I learn?

  • My hair type is 2b naturally, porous and medium density.
  • I can watch all the youtube in the world and still can’t apply foundation  that doesn’t look like my skin is flaking off
  • How to properly use a diffuser ( because I had to buy a new blow dryer and it came with one)
  • I use the wrong hair products for my hair type. I need fewer gels, clays and waxes – more mouse and curl sprits
  • Plopping and pinappleing
  • I’m actually a cool skin tone
  • I should look for ‘ash or violet’ colors not warm colors for my hair dyes. Goodbye to my desire for Roma Downey touched by an angel hair color.
  • I still have no idea how to use the other attachments that came with my hairdryer
  • When I did my gray phase, I know now why it didn’t work right.  I needed to add the Wella 050 to my T18 after bleaching my hair.

In an effort to see how true the interweb was, I made a stop this morning at sally beauty and Walmart.  I picked a medium ash brown coloring, some curl enhancing mouse, and a deep conditioner, and a curl conditioner.  Tonight I colored my hair, did a deep condition, then applied my frizz control and mousse.  I then happily defused away.

I am stunned.

You take a look and let me know.

[/media-credit] Before and after of my “let’s see if the internet is true’ testing.

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