Feb 082019

It is like the setback never happened. Ok. Lie. but, I am not letting it hold me back. So, over yonder ( see here: ) I talked about how my depression is pretty bad right now and I am having a rough time at home with everything. How I spend all weekend cleaning, and then by Friday, everything is shit again because no one keeps up during the week. I am not home as much and no one else does.

This week, has been different. This week I have had a shit week. The weekend I managed to get some cleaning done, however I was miserable. My attempt at weightloss was failing – I had put back almost all the weight I had lost that month. I could’t keep the house going. I was a wreck. This work week.. GTFO, I couldn’t catch a break. Large drama at work caused me by tuesday to have a crash day. My husband, wonderful person that he is, clued in on something that has been boethering me and blocked my cleaning progress. While I was crying in my chair wallowing – he and the kid took care of some of my cleanining in the kitchen.

It made a huge difference. I looked around yesterday and for once my house wasn’t a wreck. The kitchen was cleaner, the dinning room was still pretty clean and the living room wasn’t a complete trash heap.

I also had been doing some reasearch on some of the food and beverages I had started using to help me loose weight. Seems the Propel I was drinking ( omg I love it!) they showed it caused people to GAIN weight. Wait. WHAT?!?!?! I had a novel idea to stop drinking the propel and get back on tracking the food and such.

3 days later – I have re-lost most of that weight I had gained back. Last night when I got hungry I made a smoothie instead. Then I had to clean my cup for today at work ( it’s a hot/cold tumbler). So, I did most of my dishes and wiped down the counters.

Tonight after dinner, I cleaned everything up immediately, did dishes, wiped counters and my stove. I can’t remember the last time I had all my dishes washed during the week.

I feel overall good with the accomplishments so far. Steps to build on.

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