Sep 112016

What are kids now a days like?

I have to wonder at the world sometimes. I think my child is smart. I don’t think he is.. way above average – but sometimes peoples reaction to him, makes me wonder… We were at grocery shopping today and I told him I need about two pounds of 90% ground beef. I showed him how to tell the weight of the package (he already knew the fat%). I asked him based on the ones we saw (which were just under a pound) how many I would need for about 2 pounds of beef. He thought about it for a few seconds then told me 2.. I said yep now find me two that will get me close to two pounds. So he dug through and found me two that get me just shy of two pounds. Finally this woman that had been standing there the whole time watching this, just started congratulating him and telling him how smart he was. She then looked at me and said ‘ I didn’t think he would get that, that is amazing that he figured that out. You are obviously doing an amazing job as a mom so great job mom’. I said thank you and Mr.┬ásaid thank you and she went on her way still talking about how amazing that was. Which makes me wonder if that is amazing – how un-educated are most 5/6 year old? Is it really that special that he can go I need two.. these are about 1 so 1 +1 is two… I remember doing this when I was little with my mom… *puzzled*

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