Jun 092019

Vrooooom. Bye Time!

Vrooooom.  Bye Time!

Weeeeeeeellllllllllllll, shit. I knew I had been gone a while I had not meant to be gone so long. Things have been more than a little crazy around here. Between the push to Kicking for Miracles for Mr, illness, TKD, and holidays – I apparently lost track of things.

So, let’s see. Back it up again. April saw Mr. kicking for miracles and being part of raising 73,000 for the John Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Image of breaking a board via a kick
Kicking for Miracles
Image of child  showing a pose with his leg out in a Tae Kwon Do uniform
Posing at Kicking for Miracles

If you would like to stay up on our TKD life, feel free to follow us on Instagram as I tend to update that pretty regularly with shots from class and events. https://www.instagram.com/lifeasaninjamom/

That led us into May. May was kind of a bitch month. It started by having to attend a wake for my brother’s father in law. Normally this is one of those eh things in families, but Frank was a big part of my childhood growing up and I love my sister in law dearly. Her family was also a large part of my child hood. There was no way I was not going to be there for her. It was made shitty that he passed away and his wake was on his birthday.

This then led into the anniversary of my dad’s passing less than a week later. He has been gone two years now but for some reason I cry way more now over it and it hurts way more now than when it actually happened. I planted a rose tree two years ago in honor of my dad. I was heartbroken last year that it didn’t bloom and seem to die. However, much like my father it was to stubborn to stay down. This year I had a tiny rose bush growing out the bottom that was only about 4″ tall. As of earlier today, it was over 2 feet tall.

Dad’s rose ‘tree’ now bush as of the end of May.

The next day… Mother’s day. Yeah, how is that for some fucking kick in the flaps? We went out for brunch with my in laws and sister in law and her kids. It was nice. I put a little extra effort into it and even wore heels. I still stand by my stance heels were invented as a torture device.

A week later brings us to … dad’s birthday. He would have been 89. I will gloss over it and leave it with – it was a hard day for me.

Look we have made it to Memorial weekend. Let me sum this up by saying – I spent it in bed. Alone. Miserable. I had a head cold from hell and spent almost 4 days in bed sleeping. Upside I lost a crap ton of weight. I gained it all back since then and then some. *insert grumbling here*

Welcome to June

June has not been a slow go at all. I have been busy every weekend with something. This last weekend was the Spring Festival/Tournament for Tae Kwon Do. Mr. had picked up another class over the last month and a half to start dabbling in sparring, so he could compete in it for the tournament. He competed in every event he was eligible for. Forms, board breaking and sparring.

He did not do as well as he hoped, but I can’t be more proud. He did very difficult kicks for his board breaking and he had trouble with the one. This cost him points and in the event he expected to score best in, he came in third.

This is the kick that caused him quite a few problems. 360 Spinning Kick

I am however very proud that he didn’t give up and that he didn’t change to an easier kick. Both of his kicks are technically black belt level kicks. This was a good learning experience that when you aim high, if you are great – its amazing. However, the failure is that much greater.

This is actually the harder of the two kicks, and he broke it on the first try. 360 Back Kick

He was the only red belt to try both of these kicks. Most stuck to easier kicks.

The rest of the month is super busy with the end of school coming up, and summer activities.

Catch ya on the flip side.

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