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Thoughts of Spring – flowers plants and food

Let’s Garden!

We are now half way through February.   This is good.  This means that March is right around the corner.  Whats so great about March? Planting Season!!

I do not have a green thumb.  I love flowers and beautiful flower gardens. I hate the work. I like planting. I hate weeding. I cannot stress enough – I hate weeding.   Thus, I have shifted my thoughts away the last couple years from traditional gardening and flower beds to pots and mulch. I mulch everything! Then I spray the mulch with weedkiller.  Voila.  Easy.  Then I put flower pots on the mulch.  Self contained, little weeding. Easy.  I’m good with easy.

Last year we built a garden for, well Mr., but more for me.  Mr. loves his fresh fruits and veggies. I was looking for a way to supplement my grocery bill.  Hubs brought home these wooden boxes from work with dividers (hey he builds large shit).  Perfect for our use.  I painted them up to help them last longer and we filled them with dirt. Then we let Mr pick out what he wanted in his garden.

Some of it did well, some of it not so much.   We also have some raspberry bushes in the back yard along our back fence.  So we picked up some blackberry and blueberry bushes to go along with it. Our front yard we put in two apple trees.

All of the plants we bought but I hope this year to start some seeds – for bush beans and snap peas.  Apparently you can’t find those already started.

I had my pots – you can kinda see them with flowers.  However – weedwacking sucked donkey balls. So, I saved up some money and I bet you can’t guess what I did.   I mulched!

By the end of summer the front area looked much better, and his garden was out of control.

As we can see, the mulch looks much better. I moved my fountain in from the front yard.

I also put an old tire around our front light post.  This year its getting dirt and flowers too.  I have an old fountain that I took the bottoms out and filled with dirt and put ivy type plants in to look like a leaf cascade.

Overall the food I got from the garden was a net win. I got so many peppers and tomatoes I gave some away.  Mr. loved walking past the cherry tomatoes and grabbing them to snack on.   Due to the ‘warm’ year we had last year – we had bounty through October!


In case you want something easier to start with? How about growing veggies from your scraps?

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