Oct 212017

The road to hell, update.

Well, I should do an update on my good intentions.  Overall, things are going well.  My house has been cleaner than it has in a while ( still a long way to go) and it’s not getting worse which is also something new.  I am not amazing at following my planner, however, I follow what I put for my daily stuff more than I had figured I would.  It is taking some time to figure out a schedule so I am still in the tweaking phase.

DH is fully on board and keeps reminding me I need to schedule time for me in there or I will quit.  He isn’t wrong.  I haven’t scheduled any time, however, I make sure that I am not scheduling more than an hour or two of work during the week and about 4–5 on the weekends. Whatever is undone for the day, moves to the next day.

I have one more horrid room to cover and then most of the house will be in ‘maintenance mode’ meaning I just need to keep it picked up. That is light years from almost every room being horrid. 10 years ago, there were paths through my house. Everyplace was a disgusting mess everywhere and you couldn’t move in it.

Since my son was born it got much better, however, it was still not where it should be.  I have been doing a less than ok job at keeping my house up if I’m being honest.  I haven’t made it back to paths  – but I’m not where I need to be as an adult.

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