• Vrooooom. Bye Time!
    Weeeeeeeellllllllllllll, shit. I knew I had been gone a while I had not meant to be gone so long. Things have been more than a little crazy around here. Between the […]
  • Ninja Down
    Where the hell did I go? I was down the illness well.  After spending almost two weeks pretty ill, and one of those weeks almost sleeping non stop I am back […]
  • Here I go, Here I go again… It is food Firday!!
    Catching up with Food Friday
  • When time keeps on slipping…
    It seems like so long ago that I was able to sit and think – how time flies.  I wont be around long today – my bed is calling my name. […]
  • Aaaaand, there it went.
    Oops. Cripes. So today was supposed to be food Friday. It has gotten away from me. This week has been so incredibly busy that I have not gotten a chance to […]
Momming like a Ninja
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