Jan 072018

ReCenter and ReGoal

Its a new year, and I should make some resolutions that I won’t keep like everyone else.  However, I am not.  I believe I have enough problems with feeling like a failure to shoot myself in the face, basically, by setting myself up to fail.  Instead, I am going to recenter myself and reorient my goals.

I have been having a rough go of things as some of you know, my depression is making an appearance and so the holidays have been rough.  Work did not help that in any way shape or form.  I told my boss I was going to look into other options for employment and wasn’t sure that I was going to stay in the company much longer.   He is a little bothered by this, but he is taking it in stride I suppose.

After some holiday family stress and drama,  things are starting to look up.

Mr. was sick most of the Christmas season.   He tried to make it through school on his last day before vacation so he could participate in his concert that his dad and I attended.  However, he didn’t make it through before being told to leave the stage he was crying so hard.   He was definitely not feeling good at all.  Saturday his fever spiked and we drove two hours on a generally one hour trip so he could go and see Santa at the big family Christmas. It was a crazy trip. We took the hubs car as it has 4 wheel drive and the weather was super sketch.   He spent about 10 minutes after Santa came playing with his gift and then crawled back up on the couch and laid down.  We left not long after.

image of a jack knifed truck
 So many ditchers















I had gotten away from using my planner, mainly because I was having problems fitting all of the stuff in there.  I stopped out at Michaels and picked up one of the large planers from MAMBI  because it was 50% off.   Cant pass that up. I also picked up a couple sticker packs to go with it.

The week between Christmas and new years, I spent figuring out how to organize the new planner.  I haven’t gotten rid of the classic sized planner, it is now my portable schedule, it goes everywhere I go and I use it for my cross between work and home planner.

So far it has been working much better for me than previously.  Let’s hope that I can keep up the focus.


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