When time keeps on slipping…

It seems like so long ago that I was able to sit and think – how time flies.  I wont be around long today – my bed is calling my name.

We have been extremely busy the last couple weeks.  My in laws, hired a contractor that  – wasn’t great in the performance area.  He left a large mess for my DH and I to clean up – mostly the DH over a week.  In addition to all the other upgrades she wanted – new faucets, lights and such.  I don’t remember if I wrote about the upgrades we were doing in our kitchen – which has been paused.

I also found a few moments to stop by friends house ( of my in-laws) to do some ‘tech support’ for them.  Small things – fix the printer, setup the roku, etc.

All while still working, and attending the kids TKD several days a week.   I have learned to love bed more though.

Through it all, my lifestyle change took a shit – and I gained back half of the weight I had lost.  While disheartening – the one positive is I have been working to get more sleep.

I have been trying very much to make sure I am in bed no later than 11pm – preferably 10:30.   Most nights I am able to hit that mark.

I think overall this has been helpful to me – mentally.  However I can feel the need for more sleep now.  Like somehow it is not nearly enough and I have years of back sleep to catch up on.

Hell,  I am a mom so  – that is more a statement of truth.


On the mom side, Mr has been doing good at TKD.  He has recently started working with an instructor on improving his kicking – and has been starting to want to practice all the time.   I will take it for what I can.

He had tryouts today for the school talent show.  He is working with two other boys who take TKD and are in his class – one blue belt and one black belt.   He is so excited to do this on stage for everyone.


Also – it is almost spring!!  This means Mr. and I got some of the items to start our garden.  We got some dirt, and some seeds.  He picked out some other bulbs to plant – so far we are going with red onion, asparagus, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.  All (except the onion) some of his favorite sides.  He said I use a lot of onion in cooking so we need onion. lol.


Oh, look at that. My wrist is vibrating. Guess that means that it is time for bed.   G’night ya’ll.

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