Apr 282018

not my life

So, I had this whole thing typed up and was adding a last minute image and it froze. When I reloaded all of it was gone.  And that is a shit ending to a super fucking shitty ass week.

Here is my shitty week in a nutshell:


After dog dies suddenly at 1-year-old, Cheektowaga family hopes to find his siblings


Here is the one bright spot in the whole thing: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2016507692009998&id=100009523597714


And for full effect here is what I hope is a silver lining.  I can find his siblings and hope they don’t have to go through this:

I am looking for anyone who may have adopted one of the puppies in this video Nov 2016 from the SPCA. They are Siberian husky poodle mixes. There were 3 boys and two girls that I know of.
I wanted to let them know about a situation that may affect their dog. I adopted one of the puppies in the video and late Sunday (4/22) he suddenly started having grand mal seizures. By Monday afternoon (4/23) his episodes were causing severe problems so we took him to the vet. They kept him overnight and put him on anti-seizure medicine. After two doses they let us take him home the next morning. He had some problems with his brain (walking and it appeared vision and balance) and they said it could be from the seizures or from the medicine.
About noon Tuesday (4/24) he started having a grand mal seizure that didn’t stop. We were told at first not to move him but after 10 min we called the vet and they said to bring him in. Unfortunately, with the drive, it was close to 25 minutes of non-stop seizure. By the time the vet could get him to stop seizing they said his brain was badly damaged from the seizure and trauma and since he had not responded to the medicine at all, that there wasn’t much they could do except send us to cornel for an MRI and even then he most likely would never have control over his seizures. They classified it as congenital. I want to let the other owners know, in case something happens they have some info.
We did tell the SPCA and are having all the paperwork sent over to the SPCA vets and they said they would talk to a supervisor about trying to reach out.
I know one of the boys went to a vet who was looking for a dog to help him with PTSD, and one was a male who was going to train his for a service dog.
They would have been adopted the first part of Nov. I saw them all on Nov 8th 2016 bringing home their dogs (as did we). Please share and spread the word. I would hate
for them to go through this if it could be potentially avoided with an MRI. Sorry I don’t have a picture/video of the females but know they were shown on the tv during adopt segment.




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