Feb 152017

No rest for the weary

The last few days I have been pretty much down with some sinus flu thing that has been kicking my ass.  I thought I had sudafed, however no.  It appears hubs claims to have used the whole box by himself. I still get up to cook the family dinner, get the kid off the bus, drag him to TKD, etc.  I finally got enough gumption to hit a store after dragging the kid to Tae Kwon Do practice yesterday.

Then, someone decided it would be fun on the first night we medication that I could sleep – to keep me up all night.  The universe has a sense of fucking humor sometimes.  Because I was on day 3 of little sleep, I called into work again and slept on and off most of the day.  I did get up to drag Mr. to another TKD practice. They started an earlier practice which is win for me all they way around. With the longer class when he gets out he is a miserable human.

On the upside – Mr. had an excellent class today. He got to work almost exclusively with a teacher on his one step sparring.  He is a black stripe now and working to earn his few tips to be allowed to test next month for a yellow belt.  Hopefully one  of these classes soon he will get his tip for sparring, then he just needs his tip for his words and then he will be ready to test in March for his next belt.

Hubs is laid up for a bit. He had a labral tear from work and it seems to be re-aggravating.  He did his PT and such, however now he needs to go get an MRI to see what the tear is doing.   We are hoping this doesn’t turn into surgery. Hes a grumpy patient and the recovery time is like 6 months.


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