Mar 302019

Ninja Down

Ninja Down

Where the hell did I go? I was down the illness well.  After spending almost two weeks pretty ill, and one of those weeks almost sleeping non stop I am back up and moving.   Slowly, with seal barking frequently, but moving.


What has been going on? well other than the entire family being down with the sickness … “Get up, come on get down with the sickness” …  sorry channeling some disturbed.   I do in real life break out into random songs when I hear things that cause me to think of them.


Mr. has been pretty much doubling down on his TKD.   He has been asking extra help after almost every class to work on his kicking.  Yesterday he had his mini class – where he is working with two other boys on a run through for their school talent show.  After he had his regular class.  He then decided to pick up another class, which was sparring.   All told he had 3 classes and we were there for over 3 hours.


We are also approaching spring which means his favorite events of the year.   Kicking for miracles with his TKD school and  the Spring Tournament for TKD.

He is raising money for Oishei Children’s Hospital  and will be joining his entire TKD school system in a board break-a-thon.  This is the 25th year they have been raising money.  Last year they raised over 69k, and overall raised over a million dollars.

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