Jan 312019

Mother Nature is the Bitch from Frozen

Mother Nature is the Bitch from Frozen

Yep you heard me. It is fucking cold out there. I, thankfully, do not live in the upper midwest with that -50 degree shit but we are much snowier and colder than normal.

Polar vortex. My Ass. Hell froze over that is what happened. We started getting reports over the weekend of how it was going to get cold and we were to get a bunch of snow. The further into the beginning of the week, the more dire the reports. Finally Tuesday, they were estimating we would be in the -35 to -30 range with the windchill and winds being bitterly cold and not less than 20mph. They said that the snow wouldn’t be to bad in my area as it was a moving system. Tuesday night everything started shutting down. Schools were the first to go. We got the text Tuesday afternoon that after school activities were cancelled and there was to be no school Wednesday and Thursday.

Then today, everything that tried to be open – died. The highways, the stuff that gets us through winter – I’m looking at you Tim Hortons and Wegmans. Finally – the Mall closed. If the Mall closes, you know its a baaaad day.

We made it to about -25 today – supposed to be colder tomorrow.

Those pictures are from Tuesday afternoon (where there was little snow) until about an hour ago.

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