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Meal Plan Monday – and stuff with results

Meal Plan Monday – and stuff with results

So, today was supposed to be meal plan Monday. Guess who screwed up. Well- good news – it’s still Monday.

Meal Plan Monday:

So what is on the food list for this week.

  • Monday – Vension Stew (InstaPot)
  • Tuesday – Chicken thighs with Shallots,
  • Wednesday – Whiskey BBQ Vension Sammy’s, Cauliflower tots
  • Thursday – Pancakes with sides (meat or eggs or both)
  • Friday – Chicken thigh with greenbeans
  • Saturday – Scalloped potato (InstaPot)
  • Sunday – Sweet and Tangy Chicken

So, what is with the venison this week? I have to make room in the freezer. My brother gave me a bunch and I have finally found a few recipes to make with it. Mom always made a breaded venison tenderloin that we always used to make sammy’s for lunch with. I, however, lacked the know how to do anything with the venison. I have found a few via that there interwebs. (Yes I know however, I’m old.. shut up).

Also, it is great with my WW as venison is a leaner meat then beef. In fact the variation I made (which was based on the above recipe) was a whopping 5 points for a serving. I will add it for Food Friday one of these days 🙂

Life stuff

Well, we had a storm – which I believe I talked about. Then it got warm – then there was a week off from school – mid winter break. Honestly what was wrong with two weeks at Easter? Anyway – that led to a giant windstorm with hurricane force winds Sunday into Monday – which then led to an extended vacation for the kids as they had no school today.

We have been putting some time into a ‘small’ project in the kitchen. I say small as this got much larger very quickly – as does most projects in my very old house.

However I am THRILLED with the outcome. We put in a new floor, new wall wainscoting, new back splash, new chair and floor molding, and rearranged the layout of the kitchen. It is SO much more open now and feels twice as big as it did before. Ignore the mess in the top picture (it wasn’t put back together yet) but you can see it feels much larger after moving the fridge.

Kitchen remodel stuff

Plus this allowed us to solve another problem the kitchen had – why it was about 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house ALL year round. Which given our winters – sucked ass. The heater vent had this grate on it that pointed the heat out toward the outside door and along the one wall toward out of the kitchen. Not exactly useful when you want to, oh I don’t know – warm up the fucking kitchen.

DH has been working overtime to get this all accomplished and it looks amazing.

Kid Stuff

Well, not much has changed around here for this. He is still going to TKD whenever the weather allows us. Stupid weather. He is now doing a TKD demonstration with two classmates who also take TKD ( different belts) for the talent show. They are working with one of the instructors to craft a 2 minute routine. It will include a form they made up, some board breaking and self defense. Mr. is excited as the self defense they will be using is black belt (as the one kid is a black belt) and he will get to learn some black belt stuff – even though he is just a red belt.

So for now we will be meeting every Friday – after the one kids black belt class, and before our red belt class. The other kid has no classes on Friday for his blue belt.

Overall I sort of can’t wait to see it – even if this means my Fridays for the next month – are shot.

Last Friday we did our first sparring class – since he had no school – and energy to burn. He did end up doing over 2 hours of TKD that day combine with his practice for the talent show and two TKD classes.

Sparring Class at TKD
First Sparring Class

When I asked him later if he liked it he told me, ‘oh hell no’. When I asked why he said it was because they actually kick you and some of them kick hard, and it was too much for the day with the class before and the talent show stuff. When I pointed out – that is why you wear the chest protector – I was told it didn’t help not hurt when they missed it.

I think we shall revisit this topic in April after the talent show. It would do him some good.

In trying to keep him motivated about things with TKD, knowing it will be longer till he gets his tips and belts I stumbled across something that – so far seems to be working.

It all started when someone commented on one of my tweets about the big storm we had way back in January. Odd. – hell it is not like I have a following or even promote this – I do it for me for mental self help. Thus someone taking the time to comment was – strange to say the least.

I stopped over curious to see who found me – and it is this young gal, who owns a TKD dojan in Utah – and seems to be travelling all over competing in TKD tournaments. Well shit.

She has a YouTube channel and one of the videos that caught my eye was about increasing the speed of double kicks. Perfect this is what Mr. is getting class right now a lot. In watching it – I notice a bunch of it was things I already tell him – and get ignored on as I am not a TKD instructor so .. what could I possibly know. It isn’t like I have been sitting in every class for the last 3 and a half years with nothing to do but watch and listen.

I then show her video to Mr and explain what I have learned about this person and then we watch a few other videos of hers. He thought it was cool to see someone doing something with TKD outside of his immediate school. He has since then talked about things he can do with TKD when he gets better and now I am on the lookout for things that others are doing with their TKD to keep him motivated that if he works at it – he can do some of these cool things too.

You can check out her here: https://www.youtube.com/user/SameryMoras

Tonight I stumbled upon another one. I put on the movie ‘the last airbender’ unsure if he would be interested or not. He was. He was wanting to know if there were any sequels out to watch and having no idea I looked it up. That is when I discovered the kid who played the airbender – was doing TKD when he auditioned for the movie. Now Mr. is really excited. I was to look up what belt he was and he will be interested to know he achieved his black belt at 12 and possibly still practices.

We chatted a little bit about how if he stick with this and works hard – this could be something to open up a whole set of opportunities for something really different. Let see how long this motivation stays up but if I keep finding things here and there and being this close to black belt – I think he will be ok for a bit.

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