Jan 202019

Look Ma, no bodies

Look Ma, no bodies

- Found via pinterest

I have been on the WW now for a short bit and starting on week three. Overall – I have been good. I have been eating healthier and after the first weekish of feeling like I was going to starve or kill people for lack of food has faded.

I have been good and diligently logging all my food. After a flub or two in the beginning not realizing when my weekly points and such reset – we are now moving along at a decent pace.

Overall I have lost about 7 pounds which is great. I am feeling better – not so ‘full’ all the time. I have even had the energy to do things like keep revisit the adult world of cleaning.

Little secret. I have a movie theater sized box of Reeses Pieces hiding next to my chair. They have been there for almost two weeks. Still have not finished the box yet. *gasp*

I also picked up Cas’s new book (for those that don’t know I love Clutterbug and recommend to anyone to watch some of her videos!!). I want to get back on track with tackling the house. I feel like I am at a crossroads and very dissatisfied with me in my life. Both me as a person – and me as a wife and mother I am just unhappy with. I can also feel my depression growing. I need to turn around this canoe or I will end up to far down the depressed river.

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