Jun 182018

I have been on a kick lately, and doing well all things considered.  After getting kicked in the face for a while, I am slowly crawling my way into a new normal. Lucky that this new normal is an improvement over the old.  I have made strides in a lot of my life areas.

1- Life planning.   I have been using a new planner system to help track everything that I and the family have going on. Each days is broken up into 3 slots.  One for a schedule, one for chores, and one for bills and such.  It has helped me keep focused and keep up with house tasks.  I broke it down to no more than 3 per day (or about an hour).

2- Simplify. I was on youtube one night and got sucked into a rabbit hole, I have no idea how.  I started watching this woman who talked about finding out what your clutterbug style was.  She made a lot of sense.. so I did what anyone who had watched late night video did and started implementing it.

I took a closet I couldn’t put another thing in to this:

I was able to then add crates/totes on it for storage and start creating a ‘home’ for everything.   I threw out several garbage bags of stuff and now have a pretty organized closet.  I continue to make smaller steps and when I can get to my kitchen will be super excited as that needs a huge organization update.   Feel free to find your bug style as well:  http://clutterbug.me/

I follow that up with picking up what was probably my most favorite new gadget.  I bought a Bissell Crosswave after the new puppy took the giant jug of pop DH had left out, dropped it on the floor and he and Rat then traipsed it through my whole down stairs. I walked in and looked around at all the sticky paw prints and went.. Oh the fuck no.  I am not moping all this.  I had been eyeballing it for a few months and there was never a better moment.   I should have waited as I had not saved the money up, however it has been the best money I have spent recently.   In the few weeks since I have had it, I have mopped my  floors every other day completely.  I learned I was able to mop all 13 floors in about 45 minutes.  This is awesome.

3- Cut back.   With my husband now recovered pretty much, I have been able to let him resume the jobs he had before he got hurt at work.  I have also been working very hard to not ‘need’ to do it and just let them go for him to work on his schedule.

4- Take time.  I have been taking at least one day a month to just do what ever I want.  I refuse to let myself feel guilty or worry about what I ‘should’ be doing or the 900 things that ‘need’ to get done.  To just exist in the moment and be ok with it.












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