Apr 082017

Life is kicking my ass

Sorry about the lack of updates – life has been kicking my ass lately.   Between the downward spiral and just the chaos that is my life right now – I’m not sure if I am coming or going most days.

The good:

Mr. got his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. He did well and of course he is the one that got sooo excited when they called his name to get his belt, he broke protocol and bolted to the front screaming in joy.  He told us after that he was worried as he knew he messed up his form, that they wouldn’t call his name.

Mr got his yellow belt
[/media-credit] Mr got his yellow belt

.Now he is excited, and more engaged in class because now he is learning new things. Now he has new forms to learn, new sparring , and new blocks/punches.  It kinda makes me wish I was a kid again and could learn things  like a kid.  They pick up things so quickly and learn things so fast..

Anyway now he gets to dress in spar gear and he loves it.

Spar gear
[/media-credit] Spar gear

The food:

We started the first part of the garden which will in about a week or so be moved outdoors.  Bush beans, snap peas, and a carrot.

I bought some starter cells and seeds for the beans and peas. The carrots were an afterthought as we went through wegmans and they had this fun cool looking kids garden stuff. It came with the pot, dirt, and the ‘pops’ which contained the carrot seeds.


AAsmarciz | NinjaMom

About a week later, we had sprouts. Now he enjoys watching them grow, watering them and generally watching how plants evolve. He loves his plants and garden and I firmly believe this is why he loves his veggies.  Poppa let him help in the garden and he got to eat the veggies he helped grow and to this day he loves veggies and fruits and will usually pick them over candy.

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignnone” width=”595″][/media-credit]



The less pleasant:


Hubs finally got his surgery scheduled. He has been out since the first part of Feb. from work on disability with a labral tear.  After many test and much waiting – we have a bit more waiting to do.  His surgery is scheduled for the end of June.  This means another two months of him not allowed to do much of anything and being in pain.  Then after the surgery, there is about a two month recovery time where he cannot put any wait on the hip at all. This is followed by about 4 months of VERY limited weight.  They say its about 6 months before he is back to full movement – which puts us … next year basically.   This is going to be a long rest of the year.


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