Mar 112018

Life keeps ticking by… faster and faster

I really need to sit down and plan out some time to just sit and chat with everyone (yes, this means ya’ll), however I  don’t.  Life seems to blink by so fast and next thing I know – poof it’s like a month with no stories or shenanigans.

Let’s see,

  1. DH is back to work and he is overall much happier. He likes being ‘productive’ and the extra income from his job is making life a little easier.
  2. Mr. belted in Tae Kwon Do. Yaaaah.  After he got kinda ‘forgotten’ by his instructors and had almost 4 months with no tip progression or feedback – he finally kinda snapped on his instructor.  Not in a mean way just told them he was tired of working hard when no matter how hard he works,  he doesn’t get any tips and his friends who he has been belting with for the last two years, already belted.   Then came the mad rush to make up for lost time as they came to talk to me about his comments and I was like.. well,  what do you expect.  You don’t tell him what he’s doing wrong that he isn’t getting tips so … deal with it.   But he is back on track for the moment and liking TKD now that he is learning something new.

    Mr belted
     Mr. got his next belt in Feb.
  3. I am making progress on my goals of keeping up with the house chores. One of the things I want to start doing is putting in my cleaning stuff, in case it helps anyone else. Especially those that hate cleaning.
  4. I have been making a bigger effort to make time for myself to do things I like.  Such as getting out and taking some photos and arting (yes its a word my friends and I made up via my son many years ago).  Clicking on ‘Photobom’ in the menu will take you to a lot of the images I choose to share.

    Winter Snow Day
     Snow Day Outing

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