Jan 282017

Life goes on

In early October, we lost a member of our family.  Our rott Woody passed away at home after a very brief illness.   We thankfully got our one wish with the whole thing and that he passed when Mr. wasn’t home.  I had called in sick that day to work and was upstairs sleeping when Rat woke me up to let me know he had passed. We knew he was on his last legs because he stopped doing a lot of his normal activities – stairs, following us around etc. He got what we thought was a cold, he was coughing and weezing and just lethargic.  I finally got him in for a vet appointment ( we had to wait for one) and the day I gotten him in, I had to call and tell them he no longer needed it.  We did what we could to help him enjoy his last bit of time.   It was a tad over a year he lasted from Dozer’s passing – which is longer than we thought we would get as he and Dozer were very, very attached.  However, we had brought in Yoyo to give him some companionship and I firmly believe without him, Woody would have passed much sooner.

On election day we added another member to our family whom we have named Chaos.  He was a three month old siberian husky poodle mix I found at the SPCA.

Chaos when I met him at the SPCA.

He wasn’t my first choice – I originally wanted his brother (there was three in the litter) but I passed on him because another gentleman wanted him.  He was a veteran with PTSD who was told by his trainer and shrink a companion dog/therapy dog would be great for him and I felt his need in finding ‘the right dog’ out weighed mine.  The third pup was spoken for by a guy who was training therapy dogs which left Chaos.  I spent some time with him and I knew that we could give him a good home.  He seemed very laid back and a tad bit quieter than Yoyo.   He was about 20 lbs and I figured he would get maybe 50lbs which was in the size range we were looking for.

When we got him home, it was a few weeks before we heard him make a peep.  He is by far the quietest dog we have ever had.  He and Yoyo hit it off right away.  It was nice for Yoyo to have someone to play with. When we got Yo , Woody was too old to really play with him.  Yoyo is almost 2 now and Chaos is now almost 6 months.

Chaos and Mr. bonding on the car ride to his new home
Chaos is quickly growing on poor Rat
Whats not adorable about this?
Chaos and Rat size comparison Jan 2017

He helped Mr deal with Woody’s passing as well as cope with his fears of Rat going soon.  I can’t blame him – he lost his two dogs in two years. That’s a lot for a 6 year old to be able to process logically.  Woody was who we were dreading to go, as he has been with us the longest.  He was 12 years old, which for a Rott is a very old age. We got him about 4 months after we moved into the house.  He was our first ‘big’ purchase. Both he and Dozer were adopted from the SPCA as well.

Anyway Chaos is a wonderful addition to our family. His temperament is a nice balance to Rats high activity and very in your face personality. He is very smart so he is learning new tricks and stuff right along with Rat.  We had a problem as he couldnt/wouldnt tell us he had to go outside so I bought a bell strip to hang on our door and taught him to use that.   He has taken to that like a house on fire.  He has learned it is a human summoning tool and uses it often.  Especially when I cook and he wants some of the leftovers.   He loves the outside though and spends large portions of his day playing outside no matter how cold it is.  He LOVES to get dirty.

Chaos’ normal look

He is always coming in from outside looking like a wreck.   The good news is, after it dries it falls off and he looks clean again.  However my floors feel like a beach.   Upside – he doesn’t shed.

He is now close to 50 lbs so in the last 3 months he has more than doubled his weight.  Hopefully size wise he should be done growing, now just to fill out the tons of extra skin he is carrying.



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