Oct 182018

I’m a grump. Bah Humbug.

I think I may be the only parent to honestly admit… I hate any holiday I have to decorate for.  Christmas to Halloween, and everything in between.   It isn’t the decorating I hate.  If I had my way I would decorate my house up every holiday.   It’s the de-decorating that I hate.  Loath. Despise.  If someone else would take it down, pack it up and put it away – I would happily decorate for every holiday.

My husband has taken over most of the decorating for Christmas – we decorate the outside with enough inflatables, the anchor chords in our yard would rival any security system lasers. Short of a mission impossible drop of the sky – no one is making it up to our door unscathed.

I will decorate the inside – some.  I put up stockings, the tree, and some snow globes that were my mothers.  It all fits in two five gallon totes.

Halloween is quickly approaching and  this might be the holiday (next to 4th of July) I hate most.  It is the debate on what to be.  Mr. always wants to be the scariest thing around. As he pointed out to someone a few weeks ago – if you don’t scare someone so bad for Halloween they cry – what is the point of dressing up.    ( After being a bit flabbergasted she was very much on board with his line of thinking surprisingly).

This year I thought I was getting off easy as I talked my son into dressing up as his TKD instructor for the TKD Halloween party.   After some initial push back as he thought it was ‘making fun of someone’ and having to explain it wasn’t – he is now on board.  Especially after some of the other instructors who are in on the secret keep telling him that this is awesome and wanting to know why they weren’t the lucky ones.

Mr. in his Instructor Mask

I have the mask made, and I have  – I think – figured out how I will adjust his uniform to mimic the master uniform without destroying it. To bad shit for brains ate my ribbon.  Grrr…  it’s a good thing that dog is so cute.  I have to practice my Korean writing to get the belt right but,  that is just practice.

I was also lucky that he changed his mind on what he was dressing up as for school and his Halloween cavorting around town.  His original one he wouldn’t be able to wear to school as it covered his head (morph suit) so …

After a few moments of consideration at Wal-Mart this week he unexpectedly decided he really wanted to be a red ninja.  This was decidedly cheaper – and easier to wear heavy cloths underneath (it usually sleets here on trick or treat day) and still have his costume showing.  This is a win.   I hate buying costumes that just get covered up with some heavy ass jacket as it is so damn cold.   This also covers a majority of his skin so it is less likely he gets too cold.

Bah Humbug.

Ninja Mom Life
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