Feb 052018

Hey, you said you’d be around more.

No, I wasn’t fibbing.  I was and do, have full intentions of posting more.  I got sidetracked however with a new toy and trying to find a new hobby.  As a belated Christmas gift, DH got me the camera I have been eyeballing for the better part of two years now. I have taken it out as much as possible to learn how to use it and just get some time away.  I have no idea what I am doing but hey – some of the pictures look like I know what I’m doing, I think anyway.   So, I spent part of the last week or so setting up someplace to put some of the images I am more happy with.  Check out the ‘photobomb’ link in the menu.





































See, not bad eh?  I am trying to tie in a new hobby to this as well, rock hide and seek.   Basically, you paint rocks and hide them.  Then they get found – hopefully someone posts a picture on the FB group – and then they rehide them.

With that and this flu season going around – let us say time is a commodity.  Plus I really suck at this – let us be honest.

Late last week when I was down for the count, I did reorganize my entire Pinterest setup as now you can have sections in boards.

Now I am eagerly looking forward to Spring to take the new toy out for pictures where my fingers don’t turn purple.  Also, I can start getting back into flowers and gardening and just not being stuck in this house.


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