Feb 032019

Today after having no motivation to do shit, I decided to change the scenery around me. I thought about it and I have been in my house since Monday night. I stepped outside once since to check the mail and bring in the Garbage bin on Friday. This may chance be one of the reasons I was feeling … unmotivated.

For those that were unaware, hell froze over around here (see more here) and it is just a tad rediculous. So after getting some deep cleanining done, and still much more to do I found myself unwilling because we had a build up of garbage bags from my current cleaning that had not made them outside. Also only one of the totes made it to the curb this week – the other was frozen to the ground. So.. I rounded up Mr and got him dressed and we took out all the garbage bags. Then he and I went to Target just to get out of the house.

While out we picked up his Valentine cards and a blank box for him to decorate for school. He also picked up a new wimpy kid book and something a bit special.

So for the last couple weeks he has been hooked on the Netflix reboot of Carmen Sandiego. I told him how this was a computer game I played when I was younger and it became a kids TV Game show and eventually we had a cartoon version. None of it was like his new version! I do have to say the new version is actually kinda a cool spin on it. It tells the story from Carmen’s point of view, and she works against VILE. Stealing stuff Vile wants or has and returning it or taking the money and giving it to charities. She works with a team “player” a computer hacker kid and a brother sister duo. There is also a Interpol detective who gets hired by ACME, and is trying to hunt for Carmen. He believes Carmen to be working for VILE, however his partner (and brains of the operation) leans toward Carmen working against VILE.

Anyway, at Target we found the game…

Let’s just say, he was very excited. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but opening the box was not it.
Instructions: http://www.pressmantoy.com/carmensandiego

While it seems complicated to start with – I think a run through will have this much easier to play later. It will be a test for Mr who doesn’t take good notes lol.

We shall see tomorrow!

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