Jul 262018

Feeling like I’m doing something right.

As a parent, I love the little validations that I am doing something right.  Most parents probably understand, especially first timers, the niggling little bastard in the back telling you that you aren’t good enough as a parent.   Overall, my son is a wonderful child. I honestly think for the most part – we are doing pretty damn good as he is a pretty damn good kid.

Today I was talking with one of his TKD instructors.  He is a younger kid who just finished his freshman year of college.  He was around a Junior in high-school when we first met him.  He started in the little tigers class which was the first class designed for preschool age kids that broke up a white belt curriculum into a year program.   About six months in Mr started struggling with staying motivated and felt like he was ignored.   I happen to agree with with him.  He went for a period about twice as long as average between tip testing while kids who started after got their tips and belts.   Along comes Mr. E.

Mr. E took an interest in Mr.  He would encourage him in and out of class.  He made sure to spend a few minutes with him almost every class just to see how his day went.  Mr. was drawn to him like a moth to a flame.  Mr. E became an idol of sorts.   All of a sudden he wanted to go to class, he was learning and enjoying the sport again.

After he tested out of the little tigers into the bigger belts we saw less of Mr. E.  However, every time he saw him he would still stop and ask him how he was doing and encourage him to keep working hard. Sometimes he would throw in something one of the other instructors said about him.

There is no way to a mother’s heart faster than to be a positive encouraging force in their child’s life.

I liken my feelings for Mr. E like this now a days.  I’m a fangirl.  Like pretend he is some tween band and my inner self is like 12 and I just screech in joy when he is around.  My son can’t be happier than when he gets to take a class that Mr. E is in.

Mr. E has been absent for a few weeks, it is summer it is to be expected.   Today Mr. E was in class and Mr. got a bit excited and hoped to work with him.   Lucky him, he got his wish.  Then I watched after as Mr. E worked with him a bit more and even gave him his first tip as a blue belt.  They chatted a few moments and he walked over to me to give me an analysis of his performance so far.  As we spoke a few moments he asked about how he was doing and asked about some problems we were having earlier that he had heard about.  He then told me how he thought Mr. was one of the hardest working kids in the school and when I explained how he wanted to be on the demonstration team just like Mr. E, he said if he keeps working as hard as he does now he should easily be able to be on the demonstration team.

I think it did us both some good, me to hear good things about Mr., and Mr. E to hear how he is impacting kids in a powerful and positive way.

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