Dec 292018

End of the year update

So,  most of the holidays are over.  Just the last couple days here left in the year.  We have had a flurry of activity.  DH built the rodents a new cage as the turds started chewing on the plastic bits of the cages.


They seem to be adjusting well to their new home.  The dogs get driven a little nuts because now they can see them.

Mr. has been going full tilt at his TKD, and has earned two tips.  If I had to hedge my bet he will be testing next month for his red belt.

He is  getting very excited because after red, he just has black stripe, double black strip and then he goes for black belt.  If he keeps on pace, about a year  and he will be testing for his black belt.

To help keep him motivated, I finally got his latest certificates and medals hung.  Eventually I will get his belts up and a better hanger for his medals.  However, he is proud of wall so I need to make a bigger attempt to get it finished.



Ninja Mom Life
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