Oct 222016

Encouraging the right things

People area always amazed when I take my son to the grocery store.  Do I think he is smarter or in any way better than most kids his age.  No. But from people’s reaction you would think my kid is a genius. He’s not.  He is very smart, don’t get me wrong – but I have not seen anything that tells me he is the next Albert Enstein.  – Fun side fact, I used to call him Einstein when he was toddling on the, he couldn’t get enough little Einsteins show.

I think the big difference if I had to pick something, is what I do with my child.  I teach him.  I’ve always read to him and his latest reading assessment at school puts him almost a full grade ahead on his reading skills.  Math skills – my son has always helped in the kitchen.  Since he was old enough to follow directions well and had decent hand and eye coordination he has had jobs helping in the kitchen.

So, I think the first time I had him in the kitchen he was about two or so.  Some thought I was crazy letting someone that age into the kitchen. His job at the time was to be the ‘dumper’  he would dump everything into the bowls.  As he got older he moved to cutting.  Once he started taking an interest in it, is when I bought him is own tools.

I bought him his own chef set that contained an apron and a hat – then I bought him some basic tools – a whisk, a mixing spoon, a ‘knife’ (which looks like a chef knife but has no blade its just a piece of plastic), a rolling pin  and some measuring spoons.   This is also how he learned more about reading as well.

He, always lent a hand in whatever I am ( or his father is ) doing. Rather than getting mad I found ways to channel it – cleaning for example.  I gave him rags and water in his own ‘cleaning’ set. He had one of those like maid cart sets because he liked pretending to clean.

When we are in the grocery store, he practices his reading, math and other skills – much to peoples astonishment.  I am always amused by their reactions.

Where was I going with this?  Oh, right. We made some cookies. I found this quite yummy recipe that made for some veeeeeery soft chocolate chip cookies.  He was very excited to make his first set of cookies by himself.



You can find the recipe here: http://www.thebakingchocolatess.com/omg-soft-batch-chocolate-chip-cookies-pure-nirvana/2/



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