Feb 272017

Children. Death. Getting Healthy. Moving On.


Mr over the last few months has entered the grief stage for lack of a better word, with loosing both of the dogs and megladon his goldfish.   He took everything in stride during the process – Dozer has been gone 2 years, Woody about 6 months.   Megladon – a few months.  Truth be told I’m surprised Megladon made it as long as he did.  We picked him up as a feeder fish from petsmart to help get the tank going.  We didn’t expect any of the starter goldfish to make it.. and Megladon broke the odds.  We had Megladon for almost 6 years.  He didn’t take to the new tank very well when we upgraded him from the little 20 gallon in my sons room to the 55 gallon in the office.  This fish was huge and he had a long flowing tail that was really beautiful.

Lately most of his conversations revolve around ‘seeing’ the dogs again.  He will see them in ‘heaven’ when he looks up in the sky, or out the window as we drive.  Then at night he has trouble falling asleep and then his brain sends him off the deep end with missing his dogs and wanting them back.  He understands they can’t come back and thus, he crys.

I find myself at a loss for this.  I have no idea what to do. I am not the worlds more empathetic human being and having worked through most of my own grief – I find it  hard to understand what could be triggering him to now go through the grief.  I also find it hard, as I have no idea what to say to help him cope.

I am open to any and all suggestions on dealing with delayed grief.



I picked up a new single serve blender this weekend.  Yes I know I have a regular blender – but its a pain in the ass to make my meal replacement shakes in.   Over the summer I had started using the Vega-One meal replacement powder and making shakes for breakfast.  I have to say I believed it helped me feel less tired and helped me overall.  I wanted to get back to making the shakes because I believe they made me feel better.  However I don’t want to drag out that large blender, waste ingredients, take it apart to clean it.

I picked up the  Oster MyBlend for $20 at Target this weekend.  Tonight I made scalloped potatoes with ham for the family – I made myself a shake.  It worked pretty good.  It’ll be a pain in the ass in the morning if the husbands still asleep as its a tad loud – but only for a minute or so.  Its nice to just rinse the bottom blade and voila – cleaning is done.  I can just add the drink lid – or I poured it into an existing drink bottle.

Overall it was pretty good. Once I had some actual measurements, it wasn’t as chalky tasting as previously.  Why do I do Vega-One instead of shakeology?  Price and Vega-One has probiotics to help regulate your digestive track.  For those of us with sensitive stomachs that come with anxiety — this is a huge help.


Tonight’s shake:

  • 1 scoop Vega-One vanilla powder
  • 1 cup milk
  • 6 oz plain yogurt
  • 4 large strawberries
  • 1-2 squares Lindt chili chocolate


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