Cast of Characters

Everyone wants to know the important stuff right? Who is the cast of characters in the book they are reading. Well, since your reading some of the chapters of my book – perhaps I should give you a character synopsis.



14089244_10154432835153904_6239225420306009484_nYeah that’s me.  I am a first time mom, who never wanted to be a mom.  I have to say though, looking back – I love having my son. I love reading, nature, video games, and most geeky tech.  I am one of 6 children ( I have 5 sisters and a brother – all older) and am adopted.  I was lucky enough to be adopted by my grandparents – though that makes for some weird relationships when your biological mother is now your adopted sister.  I have also spent the last 20+ years living with diagnosed major depression and severe generalized anxiety.



10505371_10152515115843904_8623031457317486147_n This man deserves a golden award or something for putting up with me.  He is an amazing parent, super supportive and I couldn’t be as awesome as I am without him.  He is also super talented at.. well just about everything.  He makes me most everything I want or need around the house and pretty much fixes everything.



Mr belted
Mr. got his next belt in Feb.

This is my son, who is already older than his age – sheesh time flies.  He is super excited about school. He loves learning and is very athletic and active.  He is taking Tae Kwon Do and  just finished his third year.  He is big into healthy thanks to the in-laws and loves fruits and veggies.  He also loves to spend time with his furry brothers.


12998252_10154083597218904_6268497037619653467_o Yoyo came to live with us in September 2015 (he was about 6 months) and is definitely a piece of work.  We got him off craigslist from a family who  didn’t have the time he needed. He is full grown at a whopping 35lbs, which means he will look like a cute shepherd puppy for the rest of his life.  He is also referenced by ‘Rat’ as that is my favorite name for him – because he is always looking for things to chew on like a rat.  Mr. also calls him ‘Rex the destroyer’ as well – he likes to chew everything.  He is very smart and learns tricks very quickly and we are now learning agility together.



Johnnie Enjoying a Summer Day

Johnnie is the newest pack member joining the family June 2018 at 6 months. We adopted him from the SPCA.  He was originally from a Kentucky shelter (he was there a month) and was brought up in an adoption transport where he lasted less than 12 hours before we adopted him and brought him home.

Ninja Mom Life
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