Jul 192017

Awesome Day!

Today,  has been an overall great day.  It started off kinda rough when I had two people in my department working today by 10am.  I had to take a partial day and get a couple errands done that were time sensitive and Mr. had his belt testing today which started in the early afternoon.

Belt Testing Success.
[/media-credit] Belt Testing Success.

I am happy to say, Mr did an AMAZING job on his testing today.   He made one mistake that I saw but overall he did a great job.  Crisp, clean, strong moves and energy khiaps.    I have to admit, I was more than a little worried after practicing with him last night but… he did it.

He even remembered this year to be calmer when they called his name and not race up the middle in excitement yelling “YES”.  I did giggle as a little white belt did the same thing he did when he got his yellow belt.

If that was all, it would have been a good day.  However his accomplishments didn’t end there today. He was on fire.

He has been wanting to learn to ride his two wheeler.  Dad told him his training wheels weren’t going back on this summer and he had to learn to ride.  However, dad has been having problems being able to get out and teach him to ride.   I try to stay away from that as well.. I’m a stress ball of paranoia and a wimpy out of shape blob.  We live on a pretty busy street.  He can’t seem to not steer toward the street and fall.  I get all panicky that he wont be able to stop and get hit by a car.   This does not make for an ideal situation to help him learn.

Well, tonight Dad asked me to help him because he promised him that he would learn this summer and couldn’t.  I couldn’t bring myself to  let go of him on the front street so, I did the next logical thing.  Our property goes to the street behind us, which is  just a giant square.  The only people who drive back there live back there.   The streets are much quieter.  So I grab his bike and we hoof it through our back yard and over the back fence.   Muuuuuuuuch better for both of us.  Now we can relax and get down to the business of learning to ride his bike.

Now Mr started a little defeated and had a lot of self doubt as any trys before resulted in not a lot of progress.  After one run down the street, he was ready to stop.  I told him oh no we have to get home you might as well practice riding.  I also popped out with a few gems to help get him in the mood  #NeverGiveUp

Never give up
[/media-credit] N

This is what we kept going with… .”are you a black belt or a white belt”… “I’m a black belt because black belts never give up’ ..  ‘ That’s right buddy now get on the bike and lets go’

Dad had ran to the  home depot to pick up some 2×4’s and when he got back he saw us in the back and came to see how we were doing.  I have to say I’m pretty friggin’ proud of how amazed he was at Mr’s progress.   After about a half hour  this is Mr:


This is a world of awesome.  That is a lot of accomplishment for one day for a 6 year old. I am so proud.

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