Jun 052017

Avoid and Ignore

Avoid and ignore success!

I think I take this whole – avoidance and ignoring to a whole new level.  I have thrown myself into anything that I can do – a very unusual trait for me.  The biggest, I spent the few days leading up to the 20th working at my in laws house, getting my father in laws garden ready for him.  He is old and his feet and ankles are so bad that walking is something that is very hard for him.  Much less rototiller his garden and putting up a new garden fence. (his last one was taken down when two trees near the garden had to come down.

Wait, you are very specific about the date.  Yep I am.  The 20th was my dad’s birthday – his 87th birthday.  I spent all day on the 20th in my father in laws garden putting up his new fence.   BTW – it looks amazing.  I won’t get into the family drama that caused because my brother in law decided to not help my broken husband rototiller, or help he and I Put up the fence.   I think it is 100 kinds of horse shit that I spend my father’s birthday – who has been dead 9 days — helping his father and mother and he is no where to be seen.  But — hey what are kids if not assholes.  Luckily that kept me buys enough that – I managed to avoid and ignore what day it was. I made it through unscathed and tear free.

Attempt to channel the feelings:

The 21st  I went out to a local nursery.  I had decided I wanted to plant a tree as a memorial to dad.  However, I couldn’t find a tree that spoke to me and to my wallet. I did find lots of trees that spoke to me, however not to my wallet.  While walking  through getting some blocks for the pool I picked up for Mr.,   Hubs found a rose tree.  It spoke to me and my wallet.  So, I planted it when I got home and I think it looks good.

[/media-credit] Dad’s Memorial Rose Tree.

I need to add some decoration there – maybe mulch and a border.  I then found a memorial stone idea to put there as well.  As dad has been cremated, there is no headstone for him.  Thus, no place to go to ‘mourn’.  I decided, in my infinite wisdom – I can make my own.  A few youtube videos later  and I bout a dremel etcher, diamond bits,  and some dollar store items to practice on.

My first ever attempt at etching:   Ta Da!

Mermaid Etched Glass
[/media-credit] Mermaid Etched Glass

I have moved to to some rocks and found an image I want to do.  Now I just need to sit down and do it.

Avoid and ignore success!

I planted the front flowers.. huzzah.

Front Garden Area
[/media-credit] Front Garden Area

Avoid and ignore success!

The following weekend I spent hunched over planting my father in laws garden for him calf deep in mud.  I wish I had a picture for how my feet looked (yes I was barefoot, shoes were a waste that day) as I looked like I was having some fancy spa mud treatment done.  Can’t say my feet felt much smoother or younger after though.   I did plant his entire garden ( roughly 50 plants ).  Got some sunburn for that and a yummy dinner from my mother in law.   Weekend two avoid and ignore successful.

That brings us mostly current.   We have a few other projects going on now – I will share those later.   I am using those to desperately avoid the next couple weeks.

  1. Mom and Dads anniversary is in a few days
  2. Father’s Day
  3. Hub’s surgery

If I can just avoid and ignore, life is good yes?

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