Nov 102018


Children can teach you many many many life lessons, and more about yourself than any book or therapist on the planet.   There are some things I knew about myself that a child has reaffirmed, then there are a bunch of new things I have learned.

For example:

1.  I hate, hate, hate, hate  drama.  I don’t care that today your favorite color is orange and you have no orange shirts.   I don’t care that your friend at school thinks pikachu is dumb.  I especially don’t care that today your not ‘feeling’ like whatever dinner I made.

2.  I did not know, that  for 5 years, telling someone to close their bedroom door so the dogs don’t eat their toys, was something one could do without going mentally insane.

3.  I did not realize how much I value my ‘me’ time until it went basically to -100.

I also did not realize how proud I could be of someone. I did not realize that sometimes the biggest lessons I need to learn will come from someone who still needs to be reminded at times to wipe his ass and flush the toilet.

It is always easier to expect more from others than we do of ourselves , do as I say – not as I do so to speak.  Here is my life lesson for today.

Hard work and persistence.

A month ago Mr.  tested for his red stripe belt at TKD.  This was right around the time he decided he would like to do the tournament this year.   He wanted to do just board breaking, I pushed him to do form as well.  He wanted to do his old form (which was allowed), I pushed him to do his new form.  He had about 4 weeks to learn it.   I knew he could memorize the steps, and then it would be the details he needed to work on.  I said if the instructors said he wouldn’t be ready, I would let him do his old form.   I knew he just needed that little push.

Last week, he requested a training with one of the instructors because he felt he wasn’t ready and didn’t know his form.   He knew it, he just wasn’t confident in it.  So,  the instructor worked with him a bit, and gave him some small things to work on.  He told him overall you know your form.  Small tweaks and you will be ready for the tournament.   Needless to say – he was still dubious.   We had a follow up appointment with the instructor earlier this week and the instructor told him he had improved a lot from his last run through about a week prior.   He told us to find him the morning of the competition, if we come early, and he would work him for one last run through.

46091070_10156720854633904_2219455145123512320_oWe arrived early today, and found the instructor for a run through.  This helped settle his nerves a tiny bit, and get that last little validation he was ready for today.

Fast forward through his events, he placed second in both.  Competing against kids who had at minimum double the amount of time to learn the same form and board breaking techniques.

Here is my kid, teaching me about  needing a push and even if it seems impossible, try it and surprise yourself.

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